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Because Naylor, as we all know him, just couldn't can't keep it in his pants, he had to attack Mat. This is so cute! Brother Chuck - Happens mainly to several minor characters, but also happens to notable characters like Sheila Black, Rachel, and the couple of Robert and Jessica. Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. He renewed his struggle, gritting his teeth as he was penetrated, and desperately tried to whip his tail down over his hole.

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Author Filibuster - Many.

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Mature Content

While Better Days has a fairly well-established fanbase of its own, it likely has an equally large or larger number of people aware of it due to its politics, its sexual themes, and other material and philosophies many find objectionable. Although Naylor's artwork has been praised, [5] Better Days has received criticism for its political views and approach to controversial subject matter. She was totally making eyes at my dad. Maybe we can type things into our calculators that spell dirty words when turned upside down. Better Days isen't funny.

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