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If we acknowledge that sex can be a positive experience, we are better able to portray sex and intimate relationships as something worth waiting for, rather than something to rush into. Fucking awesome! Tweens and teens need to understand that they must give and get permission to initiate anything sexual -- from talking to touching. Link to this page. The idea is that if you start talking early on, as your child gets older, talking about sex and its consequences will not be a taboo subject. NPR Ed One school counselor's take on how to help teens get past the pop culture myths.

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Keep the conversation going.

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What is right for one person, may not be right for another. Sex can look a lot of different ways. Thank you! I also think teachers can use literature and history, they can talk about it in any other part of the curriculum that provides that natural segue. Love her dirty talk and homewrecking. In particular, be specific and accurate about the risks or pregnancy, the effectiveness and limitations of different types of birth control, and the variety of sexually transmitted diseases STDs and their effects.

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