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The decline of support for a biblically literal young Earth during the 19th century was opposed by first the scriptural geologists [32] and then by the founders of the Victoria Institute. Observed examples of rapid island formation and maturation, such as Surtsey imgwhich confound the notion that such islands take long periods of time to form. A planet so small should have cooled down enough so any liquid core would solidify, preventing the evolutionists' "dynamo" mechanism. GB October 13th, The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America. They can then feel good and superior, concentrating on regularly chanting dogmas, with no need to bother with any of that difficult complicated sciency stuff which requires deep thinking and tackling real-world problems!

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Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Demonstrably non-radiogenic "isochrons" of radioactive img and non-radioactive elements undermine the assumptions behind isochron "dating" that gives billions of years. You can calculate the distance between planets and solar systems and calculate how long it would take to get there. We just know the result will be of no value. Leviathan as a dinosaur". By the same method we know the age of the earth from the histroy provided in the Bible, which is accurate and reliable. I had no idea such people existed or that there was an entire industry devoted to churning out YEC books full of pseudoscience and literature they could quote from to refute each scientific argument put to them.

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